Vicky Field

“I have recently gained training in programming and coding to build interactive products to engage users, which is something I never thought I would do but really enjoy!”

From: Stratton St Margaret
Occupation: Research Statistician
Class of: 2006

Ex-Kingsdown student, Vicky now works at the Office for National Statistics (ONS)

After Kingsdown Vicky went to Cirencester College, then to the University of Southampton where she did a degree in sociology, followed by a Masters in sociology and social research.

She first worked at the ONS in a team analysing and writing reports on 2011 census data. She now works to try and improve the way ONS communicates their data from the population division. She has gained a variety of new skills, including managing projects and delivering presentations.

Outside of work she is very involved in her local hockey club, including coaching the junior girls.

Beats - Pride
Beats - Ambition
Beats - Stretch
Beats - Challenge
Beats - Respect
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