Google Accounts

Google Accounts

We are in a transition period where we are starting to implement services from Google for the school, such as Google Classroom.  At this moment in time, this means that everyone will have an additional username and password.

When you have been directed to a google resource such as Google Classroom, you will need to log in using this specific email address format:

(for example

The first part of your username will be the same as your current school username and email address, the part after the @ sign is different to what you have used before.


Your Google password is not automatically linked to your other school passwords.  You can change the password to be the same if you wish, providing you have not used the same password already on Google.

If you forget your password, you can email from your school email account, or ask a teacher for help. Please specify when asking for help what you are trying to access, and any error messages that you get.

If you have difficulties accessing school resources on Google and you are not being asked to confirm your username and password, it might be that you are already logged into Google with your own personal google account; in which case sign out of google and log in again using the above details.  You can also force your browser to change your currently signed in google account by going to



This most likely means you are already logged into google as another account (maybe your own personal account).  On the same computer/device, visit the following link on your web browser to force it to allow you to sign in as your school account:


You have most likely gone onto a screen to create a new google account, which won’t work.  Try going back to the link your teacher has given you, and when prompted, sign in using your school google account, ensuring NOT to click on anything like ‘Create Account’.


You have likely entered your google username incorrectly.  Please refer to the grey box higher up on this page.  If you are a new student (eg Started with Kingsdown after last September), email with details of the error message, and we will check your account is setup correctly.

  1. Click on the username which will be above the password field (it may look like a link or button).  Please delete the field and type your username again, ensuring you are definitely using the correct username format (see the grey box higher up on this page).  Then try your password again.
  2. If you have never logged into Google before using this school account, you should have been advised by your teacher what the initial password is.
  3. After trying the above, email requesting a password reset, and you must specify this is for your GOOGLE account.  If you can, please email from your school email account.

If you have more than one internet browser on your computer (such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari) , you can use the lesser used browser for yourself or your school work.  The other browser will generally be unaffected and will allow another google user to be logged in at the same time.  In many cases you can also open a new ‘private’ browser window which should allow you to sign in to a different Google account without affecting other people who also use your computer (In Google Chrome, this option is called Incognito, in Microsoft Edge it is called ‘InPrivate’, and in Safari it is called ‘Private’).


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