School Closure / Adverse Weather

In the event of adverse weather causing the school to close, please monitor our website for regular updates.

The School should only be closed because either:

  • Staff (including non-teaching staff) have not been able to arrive.
  • There is a breakdown of services (e.g. heating, toilets) or the condition of the premises makes operation impossible.

Please note that if limited staff are able to arrive at school safely, we may partially close the school.

The Site Manager will contact the Head to advise her of access to the School. By 7.45am a message will then be displayed on the Homepage of the website to alert parents of the status of closure. This will also be shared by group call text so please ensure that all of your details are up to date.

Students are requested to access work via their school email and Google Classroom, both can found by following the “Portal Login” link at the top right of the home page.  If for any reason students cannot access their google account, they can complete Maths and science work using Hegarty Maths and Tassomai online learning platforms.

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