Home Learning

Home learning is an integral part of the curriculum at Kingsdown School.  Research shows that students who commit to Home Learning achieve, on average, one grade higher than their target grade at GCSE.

Home Learning is used for knowledge retrieval in Year 7 and Year 8 and knowledge retrieval and application in Years 9-11.  When students join us in Year 7 we train them to know how to complete home learning successfully; knowledge organiser tests are conducted after every home learning.


We need our students to complete their home learning each and every time it is set. These are habits which will last a lifetime. But, in the short term, they will also lead to very good grades.

We therefore need you to encourage, even to require your child to do their home learning every day.


Home learning is set on Google Classroom, and will often be completed online. Students without an internet connection at home are able to use supervised areas after school, before school, and at lunch time to complete their home learning.

Students are expected to read regularly as a means of broadening and extending their knowledge and understanding of subjects and to develop their vocabulary.
Your support in monitoring your child’s completion of Home Learning is greatly appreciated.

Our ‘School Homework Policy’ is on our Policies page.

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