SEN & Disability Provision

SEN & Disability Provision

A special educational need is defined as ‘a learning difficulty or disability that makes learning a challenge for a child’. Children with SEND have greater difficulty learning than other children of the same age.

Kingsdown School aims to ensure that appropriate provision is available to champion each and every student to have equal access to curriculum opportunities and to ensure that the curriculum is accessible to every individual learning need.

The Inclusion team at Kingsdown School has been developed so that it meets all the needs of our students. The Inclusion team works closely with their mainstream colleagues to offer supplementary support to the regular curriculum, or work with identified students who need specific intervention for a fixed period of time. Targeted intervention programmes include for example, Freshstart, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, ELSA support and access to external agencies such as Mosaics of life, Iprovefit, Trailblazers and the Swindon Educational Psychology Service.

Kingsdown has much of its teaching and learning space at ground floor level, and some access ramps and toilet facilities have been installed in those areas. Kingsdown has two lifts providing access to the Virtual Learning Centre (ICT) and to some science laboratories; however, wheelchair users would not be able to gain access to some upper floors.
Kingsdown has an Autistic Spectrum Condition Centre, which was opened in 2003.  It is designed for pupils who are academically capable of accessing the mainstream curriculum but need more support than can be offered in a totally mainstream environment. Admission to the centre is through the decision of a panel of professionals at the SEN Assessment Team and is not controlled by the usual channels of application. All students admitted to the Centre have an EHCP with Autism named as their primary need. Students follow the mainstream curriculum and attend classes with Educational Support Champions. However, all students are withdrawn from certain lessons so they can complete home learning and also work on developing their social communication and interaction, personal development and life skills in addition to receiving a wealth of other targeted interventions.
Anxious and vulnerable students across the school have daily access to ‘The Haven Club’, which enables them to have a safe space for unstructured, busy times of the day. We provide resources to support the learning of those who will benefit from them and constantly monitor, support and intervene when any individual is falling behind with their attainment

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