Road Safety - Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow

Road Safety - Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow

Kingsdown School is leading the way in trying to get a national Road Safety campaign going - ‘Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow’; the name for which was chosen by two of our Student Leaders, Bobby and Libby.

This campaign is not only intended to save the lives of our students and the wider community, but of children and indeed adults nationwide. There has been no national road safety campaign for many years but sadly there have been countless pedestrians/cyclists killed or injured on our roads.

Within our school community alone, there have been 3 children hit by cars in the last 5 years; one of whom very tragically lost her life.

Emma Leigh-Bennett, Headteacher:
“The correlation, the link, between those children involved in RTAs being either 11 or 12 years old is very, very strong and the correlation between children using mobile phones and having either earphones or AirPods in their ears, whilst crossing roads and indeed, stepping out in between parked cars, so it’s time to get a really clear, national campaign going.”

Sharing our passion for the importance of this campaign, local and national businesses have come on board to sponsor and support us. Our aim is for this to lead to a new national Road Safety strategy and through which save lives and keep children safe as they travel to and from school. It is interesting to note that the last national road safety campaign for children was in 1997! I’m sure you’ll remember the Hedgehogs as well as the previous Green Cross Code campaign - but that was over 20 years ago. Young people today need to hear a new and dynamic message so that they stay Alert Today - Alive Tomorrow.

This video was created by one of our Year 10 students:

Sponsors/supporters of this campaign so far include those listed below.  If you would like to come on board, please contact Barbara Parry with the subject line, ‘Alert Today Alive Tomorrow’.

  • Arval
  • Charlie Austin (Swindon Town FC 2009-11)
  • Coles Scaffolding
  • Diocese of Bristol
  • Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service
  • Kathryn Burn, BBC The Apprentice Finalist 2022
  • Matt Fiddes Martial Arts
  • Metro Bank
  • Michael’s Workwear
  • Nationwide
  • Payslip Accountants
  • Swindon Borough Council
  • Swindon Town FC Community Foundation
  • Tesco
  • The Diana Award
  • TMG Media Group
  • Wiltshire Police
  • Your Sport Swindon

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