Free Software

Links to software used in school but can also be freely obtained at home or for a personal non-school account

Note not all of these work on Chromebooks, and home use may still have restrictions in the individual terms and conditions for each piece of software.

Microsoft Office

Please note the information below will soon be withdrawn as we are moving our systems from Microsoft to Google.

Kingsdown School has arranged with Microsoft to allow all current students and staff to be able to install Microsoft Office on home computers and mobile devices for free.
Microsoft Office includes Word (word processor), Excel (spreadsheets), and PowerPoint (presentations).  Additional apps are also available depending on the model of your computer or device.  You may also install it across several devices at the same time (e.g. a computer, a tablet, and a smartphone).

The rest of the information below is for those who would like to take up this offer.

If you would like to obtain this software for home, please note:

  • The software is only valid while you are a student at Kingsdown School.  Permission to use the software will be taken away once you leave school. You’ll then need to remove the software or obtain a new Microsoft Office account.
  • Kingsdown’s ICT support department does NOT support this software or devices it is installed on. If there are problems installing the software on your personal computer or laptop.  Microsoft’s Office Support page should help with most problems.
  • If you use the software on your smartphone, the school’s mobile phone policy still applies to you and it should not be used during lessons.
  • This software should work on most computers (Windows, Apple Macs) and also modern mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows) purchased in the last 2-3 years providing it’s kept updated.  If your equipment is older then you may need to check if it’s supported.
  • Don’t forget to ensure your home computer’s antivirus software is also up to date.

To obtain the software:

  1. To access the software, when on your home computer or mobile device, visit, and sign in using your student email address and password.  If you are using OneNote in your computing classes this process will be familiar to you.
  2. After logging in there should be advice or a link to Install Office, eg ‘Install Office 2016’ or ‘Get Office apps’.  Follow the guidance that then appears (instructions will vary depending on your computing device).
  3. If you have any difficulties accessing or logging into the page on step 1, please let us know (Kingsdown’s ICT Support Office).  However if you can access the above page but then have problems installing the software, we will NOT be able to provide support; in which case please look carefully at the screen for any guidance or links for help from Microsoft.  You can also search for help on


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