Cohort 2029 (Year 6)

Further information will appear here for parents and students for the new cohort of Year 7 in 2024-25.

The application process is now open. If you are wanting to apply for a Year 7 place for your child starting in September 2024, please apply online through Swindon borough council.



Date given by Swindon Borough Council Activity
1 September 2023 Application period opens. You can make your application online.
31 October 2023 Secondary application closing date. You can make an application after this date, but it will be a late application. Late applications are not considered until all on-time applications have been considered and allocated.
10 January 2024 Deadline to submit a change of address for consideration.
1 March 2024 Offer day. You will receive your offer of a secondary school place.
15 March 2024 Deadline day for accepting an offer.
Dates to be confirmed for May 2024 Parent information evening. This event is for parents only. 18:00 @ Kingsdown School
Dates to be confirmed for June 2024 Parent information evening. This event is for parents only. 18:00 @ Kingsdown school
Term 6- to be confirmed Transition days @ Kingsdown school 9:00- 14:30 Parents to collect
Dates to be confirmed for August 2024 Summer school for Cohort 2029

March 2024

In early March, you will have heard from Swindon’s Admission team informing you if Kingsdown has been given to you as your school of choice.  The school will then be in touch with you, your parents and your Primary school to start the transition process.

April 2024

From April, our Transition team will begin to work with your Primary schools. We discuss each and everyone of our new students at great length to ensure that we really do start to ‘know our students well’.

May 2024

In May we will send you information introducing: The Kingsdown Beats; Mrs. Robertson - Your Progress Leader; Mrs. Criddle - Assistant Headteacher KS3 and Mrs. Leigh-Bennett - our Headteacher. We hope this information will be useful in preparing you for secondary school.

June 2024

We will be hosting a Year 6 information evening to ensure that you know all of the key information to support your transition into Kingsdown school. We will share information such as timings of the school day, you Chromebook, meal time, extra curricular and enrichment, the Transition days and much more.
This meeting is for parents only and will run in the main hall from 18:00-19:00. 

July 2024

Transitions days

Transition dates to be confirmed.

Summer School

In the summer of 2021 we launched ‘Roar to the Beat’, our Summer school for our future Year 7 students. The theme of the week is based on ‘The butterfly lion’ by Michael Morpurgo whilst also encompassing many different subjects such as Geography, English, Music, PE and Art. Students learn about the 6 Kingsdown Beats, what they look like and how students can develop these whilst at Kingsdown school. Students are also introduced to both physical and human geography such as the countries that make up Africa’s vast continent. This then leads to learning about countries and their culture, such as the instruments and drums used to create African music e.g. the Djembe and the Dun-Dun.

Every day of summer school encompasses a literacy focus based upon the school’s very successful “Book Your Future” program. Everyday will be closed with students reading a section of the Butterfly Lion, by Michael Morpurgo. This will then be followed by discussion and comprehension tasks which proved to be very popular in the most recent Summer school. Students will also get to connect with their new peers and their teachers by exploring team building activities such as tent building, rope swing and robot building. This developed students’ ability to stretch and challenge themselves in different ways.

The summer school is free of charge and a great way for students to connect with their new peer group and their new school #team.

September 2024

All the Kingsdown team and our year 8 Transition Ambassadors will be ready to welcome your son/daughter to the Kingsdown family - their 5 year exciting journey at Kingsdown will begin.


Beats - Pride
Beats - Ambition
Beats - Stretch
Beats - Challenge
Beats - Respect
Beats - Responsibility