The SENDCO Clinic

The SENCO clinic is available most weeks, twice weekly during term time. The clinic sessions are designed to provide parents with a 20-minute appointment to share any queries relating to their child’s special educational needs. Queries may relate to school support, reasonable adjustments that may need altering or the possibility that a child may have undiagnosed or unidentified special educational needs.

In the first instance, if a child is underachieving, the tutor, subject teacher and/or progress leader should be contacted. Once this is done and there is still no change or improvement in academic or social achievement, then the SENCO clinic should be used.

Typically, sessions will be available on Wednesdays during school hours and Thursdays after school. These days may vary if there is parents evening or a Teacher Development day.
When requesting a SENCO clinic session, parents should provide a short summary explaining what they would like to discuss.

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