Dr Nick Budhram

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” - Albert Einstein

From: Abbey Meads
Occupation: Junior Doctor
Class of: 2005

This year I am teaching medical students at Leicester Medical School. Next August I will return to working and training in a hospital. I am hoping to have a successful career in Intensive Care Medicine.

As a junior doctor I am the first doctor to review patients when they are unwell. Upon assessing them I decide on how to treat them and whether they need input from a more senior doctor. The job can be very intense, and is made more difficult by ongoing restriction of funds to the NHS, but it is very rewarding.

To become a doctor you must complete 4-6 years at University. To be accepted onto a medical degree you must either have predicted or actual high A-level results (often in addition to high GCSE grades) or hold a well regarded existing degree.

Beats - Pride
Beats - Ambition
Beats - Stretch
Beats - Challenge
Beats - Respect
Beats - Responsibility