Thank You for the Thank You’s

20 January 2021

Thank You for the Thank You’s

Thanks to all of our parents and carers for their positive support and encouragement during this national lockdown.  Your comments are greatly appreciated by all of our teachers and staff.  We’d like to share some of these comments below:

“I am very impressed with how fast the school has switched over to online learning.  I have some understanding of what is needed to be done and this is no small feat.  Very well done to everyone involved.”

“My son got so much from the day being logged into the virtual classroom, I appreciate how challenging it must be but we do appreciate your efforts.”

“Total respect to you all.  I see it all in my house.  The staff and students are doing a great job.  Well done Kingsdown.  That lion is definitely roaring…”

“Brilliant work guys - thank you all.”

“It’s been a completely different experience this time round and soooo much better.  The planning, preparation and training the staff must have been immense, but it shows.  Great job and thank you.  I’m not cut out for teaching and I can now leave it in very capable hands of the professionals - thank you all Kingsdown team.”

“Thank you to all the wonderful staff doing such a brilliant job to help all students.  I think you are all so caring and amazing.”

“A big shout out to the BRILLIANT staff at Kingsdown.  You all are doing a great job.  Congratulations!!!!.  Yo - we parents are learning too.  Every day is a learning experience.  KUDOS!!!!”


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