EduLink One (School App)

We have changed our school student information service in early 2020 to EduLink One.

Brief reminder of Login Details for those who have used the system before

Login Page:!/login?code=kingsdown

If asked for School ID, enter Kingsdown.  Use your same username and password which you use in school to log onto the computers.  Alternatively you can also sign in using your new school Google credentials when clicking on the Google button on the login page.


If asked for School ID, enter Kingsdown.  Your username will start with p_.  If you forget your password, you can click on ‘Reset Login’, using the same email address which we have for you in school.

If you have not used EduLink One before with Kingsdown School, please read below for more details.

Edulink One - Features

We will be allowing students and parents to access the following from this service:

  • Timetables
  • School Reports
  • Catering Balance
  • Attendance Reports
  • Achievement and Behaviour points
  • Exams info
  • Collated links to other services such as Show my homework

Accessing the system

You can access the system as a ‘website’ on your computer or phone, or as an ‘app’ on most modern smartphones and tablets.

Logging in

You should now get a login screen (whether you choose the website or app method) asking for possibly a School ID, Username, and Password.  Advice differs for Students and Parents:

  • Students - to log in use the following details:
    • If you have a field titled ‘School ID’, enter Kingsdown
    • ‘Username’ is the same username which you use to log into the school computers, eg 19BloggsJ
    • ‘Password’ is the same password which you use to log into the school computers
    • Alternatively if you prefer or have forgotten your computer password, you can now also use your school google account to log into Edulink

  • Parents - to log in, please refer to your email with the subject title ‘Kingsdown School - EduLink One - Your login details’
    • If you have a field titled ‘School ID’, enter Kingsdown
    • Your username will start with ‘p_’.
    • The email will have given you a week to login and setup your own password

      If you know you have logged in before but have since forgotten your details, or you haven’t set your password up before the expiry time on the email, you can click on ‘reset password’ and arrange new details over email (you will have to use the same email address you would have registered with the school as part of your contact details).

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