Congratulations Cohort 2019 - Truly Amazing Results

23 August 2019

Congratulations Cohort 2019 - Truly Amazing Results

Kingsdown School is celebrating transformational results.  These results show a significant movement from last year where students performed on average half a grade better than last year’s students across their best eight subjects. Over 11 different subjects improved upon their progress scores from last year.

The vast majority of subjects, including the core subjects of English, Maths and Science have all secured a 3-year trend of improvement. Taken together, these results are the best outcomes in the school’s history. This improvement has been achieved by redesigning a knowledge-rich curriculum and developing our assessments, a rigorous focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning in all lessons and embedding high expectations for all particularly with regards to attendance, behaviour and attitude to learning. Our students in Cohort 2019 worked incredibly hard, and should feed very proud of their achievements.

We were thrilled with many individual student achievements.  These significant individual successes included:
• Lea who achieved 5 grade 9s and 5 grade 8s
• Charlotte who achieved 5 grade 9s, 4 grade 8s and 1 grade 7
• Vicky who achieved 4 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s, 2 grade 7s and 1 grade 6
• Daniel who achieved 4 grade 9s, 1 grade 8, 3 grade 7s and 1 grade 6
• Hannah who achieved 4 grade 9s, 1 grade 8, 1 grade 7 and 1 grade 6

There were many transformational results including:
• 80% of students achieved grade 4+ in English Literature – an improvement over 3 years of 17%
• 63% of students achieved grade 5+ in Computer Science – an improvement over 3 years of 47%
• 89% of students achieved grade 5+ in Chemistry – an improvement over 3 years of 29%
• 52% of students achieved grade 7+ in RS – a 3-year trend of over 40+%

Emma Leigh-Bennett, Headteacher said:
“We are absolutely delighted to see such a strong set of GCSEs results for our Cohort of 2019. These achievements are well-deserved and give our students with firm foundation that will open doors for future ambitions.”

“I would also like to give a special mention to our whole staff team who worked tirelessly to champion and ensure that each and every student was able to achieve their very best.  These results would not have been possible without their support and expert guidance.  I would also like to thank all our parents for their continued support.” 

Many congratulations to Cohort 2019. We are immensely proud of you all.

Mrs Leigh-Bennett

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