Chromebook Launch

12 October 2020

Chromebook Launch

Today marked a special and defining moment for students and staff at Kingsdown School as it saw the launch of the first phase of our Chromebook student launch.

This morning all of our year 11 students received a personal computer for use in school, as well as for many students, home learning.

A Chromebook is a small and lightweight laptop which runs using a Google Chrome operating system.  The device will significantly enhance the learning experience for our students both in the classroom and at home.  It further supports the championing and individualised learning and feedback already on offer at Kingsdown, and comes with access to a vast range of high quality resources that will supplement, but not replace the normal high quality excellent teaching and brilliant learning that Kingsdown prides itself on delivering.

The next phase of roll out will take place next term, and we are looking to have rolled out devices for all students in all years by the end of the academic year.

Full details of this exciting and groundbreaking project can be found here.

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