BIG Bang Engineering

15 November 2019

BIG Bang Engineering

On Thursday 7th November all 180 Year 10 students at KDS took part in a BIG Bang Engineering lesson. This was part of a national programme involving 50,000 students to promote the choices within engineering careers.

Our students started with a quick quiz on engineering careers. They then watched a 30 minute national video link of interviews, vox pops, question and answer sessions with a variety of different engineers.

Our students learnt not just about the different engineering roles worldwide but also the possible educational routes to becoming engineers. The support available within these career paths - especially for women.

The year 10s finished off with an intra-year team competition to build a bridge using only a newspaper, sellotape and scissors. This created some great ideas and followed the theme of having to problem solve with sometimes limited resources in a short period of time. The winning team will receive their prize in the next reward assembly.

Mr Radcliffe

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