SIMs Learning Gateway

Please note parents of year 7 students will be given details how to log in during the academic tutor day which may be a couple months after the start of the first term.

SIMs Learning Gateway (SLG) is an online tool used at Kingsdown School to give parents and carers access to information held in our School Information Management System (SIMS) about their children. This includes details such as address, telephone number, attendance and timetable.

To access SLG please visit:

SIMs Learning Gateway

Obtaining a Login id & Password

Parents and Carers are provided with their own login ID and password during the first term their child starts at Kingsdown School. Further information about getting a login id and password can be obtained by emailing

Looking after your Login ID & Password

Each parent and carer is issued their own login id and password and we ask that these login ids and passwords are kept safe and secure. Please do not use your partners login id!
Parents and carers are generally issued a system generated password and will be asked to change this when first logging in.

Remembering your Login ID & Password

The start of the username will be kingsdown\kds. This is then followed by the first initial of the forename and then the surname
e.g. kingsdown\kdsJBloggs
Where we have parents/carers with the same surname and forename initial, we start adding numbers to the end of the login id e.g. kingsdown\kdsASmith2.

Once you log in, please change your password to something more memorable (but still secure).


Reports are stored online in PDF format and you will need a copy of Adobe Reader (or other software that will read this format) installed on your computer.

Reports are stored by Academic Year. The small arrows by the academic year can be clicked to reveal or hide the list of reports available. As reports are uploaded into SIMs Learning Gateway ready for parents and carers, we will send a notification by email and/or text message via GroupCall (see below) as well as adding a message to the school website.

Need Support?

Parents and carers with a login id and password who need technical support can request help by emailing

How to Access SIMs Learning Gateway (SLG):

For more details see a more comprehensive guide below:

How to access the SIMS Learning Gateway

Using Internet Explorer 10?

There is a problem when using Internet Explorer version 10 (IE10) with SLG to view reports. Once you have logged into SLG and are looking to view reports, there is a Compatibility View option that needs to be selected in Internet Explorer 10 to make the reports visible. This option is highlighted in the following image:

IE 10 Compatibility

Clicking on the Compatibility View option should allow reports to become visible. If not, please email


SIMs is an acronym for School Information Management System, a tool the school uses to manage student and staff records, parent and carer contact information, timetables, student registration, report writing etc - all the information that keeps the school flowing.


GroupCall is a tool/service we use to keep in touch with parents and carers via text and email. This relies on parents and carers providing their email addresses and mobile phone numbers and keeping the school informed whenever this information changes.

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