Please see below for the Parent Information video and the subject specific information videos. Students will be making their Taster Day selections on Friday 21st January 2022 to guide them in their decisions.


Options 2022-24 Timeline

The Year 9 Options process has now begun for 2022. Please view the 2022 Parent Information Video and subject specific information videos. Options Taster Day is Friday 28th January and students need to complete the Taster Day selection form by Monday 24th January at 10am.

Date Event
Thursday 20th January 2022 Parent Video Issued
Friday 21st January 2022 Champion Time Activities - view subject videos and compete the Taster Day selection form
Friday 28th January 2022 Options Taster Day
Wednesday 2nd March 2022 EBACC Assembly
Thursday 3rd March 2022 Year 9 Parents' Evening
7th - 18th March 2022 Student/Parent/Teacher Conversations to support selection
Monday 4th April 2021 Option Form Deadline
July 2022 Final options shared with students and parents.

The curriculum at Key Stage 4 consists of a mixture of Core Subjects and Option Subjects. Students will be able to choose some subjects according to their strengths and interests. They will be guided through their choices by subject teachers, tutors and other staff to ensure that their choices are appropriate. When making choices students must balance their skills and learning styles in order to keep options open for later life, such as choosing college or ‘A level’ courses.

Core Subjects

All students are taught a core programme of subjects. These are the subjects and skills that are statutory for all children aged 14-16, with the addition of English Literature, which we feel is important too, and is studied by everyone.

Core subjects comprises of the following:

  • English;
  • English Literature;
  • Mathematics;
  • Combined Science (double award);
  • Personal Development (non-examination);
  • Physical Education (non-examination).

  • Option Subjects

    In addition to core subjects, students select three additional subjects. We want all students to be committed to their subjects and so we allow them to choose these additional subjects from a range of areas. Whilst we do give as much choice as possible, all students are expected to take one EBacc subject from: Computer Science; History; Geography; French or Spanish. We make every effort to ensure that students study the course they opt for.

    Option subjects comprise of the following:

  • GCSE Computer Science;
  • GCSE Geography;
  • GCSE History;
  • GCSE French;
  • GCSE Spanish;
  • GCSE Art;
  • GCSE Business Studies;
  • GCSE Design and Technology;
  • GCSE Drama;
  • GCSE Food, Preparation and Nutrition;
  • GCSE Music;
  • GCSE Religious Studies;
  • GCSE Classics
  • Health and Social Care Level 1/2 Certificate (Cambridge National);
  • Creative iMedia Level 1/2 Certificate (Cambridge National);
  • Sport Studies Level 1/2 Certificate (Cambridge National).

    Support and Guidance

    To ensure your child makes the most appropriate choices for them, we support your child in a variety of ways through this process. We offer:

  • Meetings with our careers advisor
  • Champion conversation with their tutor
  • “Taster” lessons in all new subjects
  • A Parents’ Information Video
  • Study Higher Blog
  • Study Higher Right Fit Guides

  • Key Contacts

    Key contacts throughout this process are:

  • Barbara Parry - Careers Advisor
  • Mandy Sampson-Emecz - Progress Leader for Year 9
  • Tutors
  • Subject Teachers
  • All staff contact details can be found here.

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