Cohort 2026 (Year 6)

Further information will appear here for parents and students for the new cohort of Year 7 in 2021-22.

Please see our wellbeing tasks for primary school children here.

February 2021

We have begun our transition for our Cohort or Class of 2026.  In February we met with our Primary Heads and year 5 & 6 teachers & SENCO to provide some curriculum resources for English, Maths & Science.  In these lessons our primary students will meet some of our exceptional subject specialists teachers including Miss Morkot and Mr Hamilton.  They will have much fun and learning along the way. Mrs Criddle has some fun activities too such as the Squat Challenge and breaking World Records here for you to have a go at here. This is a great way to get active and move away from the screens during this ‘remote’ period of learning.

March 2021

In early March, you will hear from Swindon’s Admission team informing you if Kingsdown has been given to you as your school of choice.  We will then be in touch with you and your child later that week.

April 2021

From April, our Transition team will be linking with our Primary schools.  We will also write to you and your child to introduce our Transition team. We will discuss each and everyone of you at great length to ensure that we really do start to ‘know our students well’.

May 2021

Throughout May we will finalise details about your transition and be able to form your September tutor groups. This is a such an exciting time as these will be students who you will be with for the next 5 years.

June 2021

We will hold a parent information evening and share some key information with you- ensuring you are September ready. Please ensure that you have look at the key information on the website regarding uniform and equipment. We will also share with you details of our exciting, innovative and group-breaking Chromebook ‘digital strategy’ and how we will ensure that together we take your child’s learning experiences at Kingsdown to a whole new level.

July 2021

We will be running 2 transition days in July where you will meet your tutor group peers, your tutor and your progress Leader. You will spend 2 days with us where you will play the role as an undercover detective to break codes and save your headteacher from captures. This is also a great way for your tutor to start to get to know you.

September 2021

All the Kingsdown team and our year 8 Transition Ambassadors will be ready to welcome your son/daughter to the Kingsdown family - their 5 year exciting journey at Kingsdown will begin.

November 2021

You will have the opportunity to meet your son / daughter’s tutor.  We will also send home the first Progress Report.  Here you will hear from every teacher and learn about your child’s attitudes to learning and engagement with home learning.

Beats - Pride
Beats - Ambition
Beats - Stretch
Beats - Challenge
Beats - Respect
Beats - Responsibility