​When we speak with parents, the one common theme that clear in every conversation is the need to keep children safe. Parents talk to us about the influences of the internet and their child’s use of smartphone technology, of the influences their friends and associates have on them and on the risks of being out in the community.

We have put a selection of articles together to help parents understand how they can help their children stay safe. The information is not intended to scare parents but to assist with developing their understand of how to keep their children safe.



Many children don’t unfortunately see or understand the risks involved in sexting. The NSPCC have some very good resources for parents that explain the risks and can be used with children.




If you are worried about the relationships your child is developing with people who you don’t know or perhaps don’t approve of, this video clip will help you to understand what to look out for in relationships that are developed by individuals who are motivated by more than friendship and talks about how some young people can become exploited..


This video clip provides information about the risks associated with relationships with groups of young people where a gang culture develops.


A recent campaign called ‘Disrespect Nobody’ highlights the importance of safe, respectful relationships; you may have seen parts of this on TV adverts recently. For information about the full campaign, click here.


General Concerns

This page on the NSPCC website provides information about:

• Online safety

• Leaving your children home alone

• Talking about difficult topics

• Drugs and Alcohol

• Self-harm and mental health worries


in harms way.pngRailway Safety

Swindon is well known for its history with the railways; Network Rail have been working hard to reduce the accidents that occur on its tracks particularly during the summer months when children are on school holiday. Click this link to find more information.


Help in Swindon

There is a great website called ‘The Dock’ that helps young people and parents in Swindon. It gives advice on national concerns regarding young people and offers local solutions. Really worth a visit. It offers assistance on matters sucha as:

• Youth Engagement Services

• Heath in general and more specifically drug use

• Mental Health

• Radicalisation

• Young people’s options

• School holiday workshops


Mental Health & Well Being

Kooth is an online service by XenZone, who have been commisioned in this area by the Swindon Clincial Commissioning Group (CCG).  In Swindon they provide online counciling and emotional well being help for children and young people.  The support is free, confidential, and anonymous.  It can be accessed using an internet enabled smart phone, tablet, or computer.