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    Work Experience

    ‚ÄčFor this academic year, Year 10 work experience will be on the 25th-29th June 2018


    Year 10 students have the opportunity to take part in the school's work experience programme, the main purpose of which is to help develop the skills and awareness they will need to be successful in the workplace. Students undertake a learning programme in preparation for their placement, a one week placement with a company or organisation, and a follow up debriefing session, so they can share and clarify what they have learnt, and consider what it will mean for their future. 

    Work experience is for learning new skills and new ideas to do with the world of work that wouldn't normally be possible within school. There is an expectation that, in particular, students will develop their communication skills and their ability to work with others in a work setting and develop an understanding of the expectations of workplaces and how they are organised as well as a range of other skills. We have found that work experience is excellent at raising students' aspirations, self-confidence and maturity and is one of the most significant experiences they have during their time at school. Whilst some students will wish to apply for a particular type of placement because they have an interest in a possible career, others may wish to apply for a placement because of the learning opportunities it may offer, or the skills and experiences they may gain from doing it. Students need to be aware of the limitations of work experience: some types of work placement are not possible and other types of placement have more students wishing to do them than are available.  There is considerable value to be had from participating whether or not students undertake a placement related to what they wish to do when they are older.

    Parents will be invited to an Information Evening about Work Experience in the Autumn term, and students will be provided with a booklet that explains in detail how to apply for and set up placements. We are grateful for the support we have from many local companies and organisations that support the programme.