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    Visions and Ethos

    Kingsdown is a mixed 11 – 16 Secondary School located in Stratton St Margaret, Swindon.  It offers a vibrant learning environment in which its students take great pride.  Our teachers combine a high level academic expertise, excellent teaching skills and a real concern for the wellbeing of each and every student.  Taken together, these allow us to recruit and retain the very best teachers.


    We are delighted that, from September 1st, we shall become a full partner in the River Learning Trust.  Together, we have a clear strategy for rapidly improving Kingsdown and thereby achieving our vision of becoming a "School of Excellence".                                                             

    The principles of both our School and Trust that will guide all our work are:

    • a commitment to excellence – striving for the best educational experience
    • everyone learning – creating and taking every opportunity to enhance lives
    • commitment to respectful relationships – acting with care, integrity and fairness in all we do.


    Our vision for Kingsdown School is that we will become a School of Excellence.  This is underpinned by three key points.

    1. We have high expectations in everything that we do
    2. Every adult in the school Champions the Potential of each and every student
    3. We work as one team – teamwork is at the heart of all we do


    At Kingsdown School we share an unshakable belief and confidence in all our students and in all our staff.  Additionally we all firmly believe in the power and importance of everyone having the right both to deliver and to receive a high quality education.  


    As Headteacher I ask and expect every student and every member of my team to commit to three very simple expectations both in and outside the classroom – and to commit to them each and every day.  These Kingsdown expectations are that:

    1. We all take pride in our future dreams and ambitions
    2. We all stretch and challenge ourselves to achieve
    3. We all show respect for the rights, roles and responsibilities of others.


    Kingsdown has tremendous capacity.  Our vision is to become a School of Excellence – we are on a journey to become the School of Choice in Swindon. 


    We look forward to welcoming you to Kingsdown.