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    Visions and Ethos

    The school aims to:

    • Help students to develop their own abilities and intellectual curiosity to acquire skills for their future lives, whilst embedding a love of learning

    • Encourage all students to feel equally valued and to respect others

    • Help students develop a respect for cultural diversity

    • Develop self-discipline and motivation in students so that they can work on their own and with others

    • Teach students about the world they live in and help them to appreciate the achievements of the arts and science

    • Work closely with parents, schools, colleges and the wider community

    We expect that all students will take pride in themselves by:

    • Always wearing the correct uniform

    • Treating other people as they would like to be treated themselves

    • Being organised by bringing the correct equipment to every lesson

    • Working to the best of their ability

    • Remembering that they are part of a community and contribute positively to it

    Performance       Resilience            Imagination        Determination              Enjoyment

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