Introduction from the Head Girl ‐ Summer Lowe

headgirl2017.PNGI joined Kingsdown in 2013 (year 7) from Ruskin Juniors, as a very excited young student eager to gain more independence and responsibilities from ‘big school’, and here I am today. As well as the compulsory lessons (Maths, ICT, English and Science), I also currently study Textiles, PE, Spanish and Philosophy and Ethics. Recently I sat my Biology and Chemistry exams as part of my triple science qualification, fingers crossed they went well!

Before becoming Head Girl, I had taken various other leadership roles within the school; Tutor Representative, Year Council and Sports Day Captain. All of which have helped prepare me for the role of Head Girl, as they had various organisation responsibilities, so I hope that I do a great job!

I applied to be Head Girl because my family have always encouraged me to be the best that I can, and I really want to push myself in my final year, get involved more with the school and make myself proud. I believe that I have the skills and personality required for a Head Girl, so would be able to fulfil the role and duties exceptionally. I think that it is a wonderful opportunity to gain some experience in leadership and initiate change that the students and I would like. Personally, I would really like to bridge the gap between what the students want, and what is achievable from Kingsdown.

At Kingsdown, each and every student is greatly encouraged to really stretch their learning and complete work to the best of their ability. Each piece of work is something we are proud of. Personally, I feel great pride in completing challenge and stretch tasks as they help broaden my knowledge and present questions in a trickier format to get me thinking in different ways. Not only this, but throughout each year there are a variety of SMSC days that equip
students with key skills for life. I have learned about things like banking, marketing, drugs and alcohol awareness, social inequality and engineering. I truly believe that I have gained a wealth of knowledge from these days that will strongly aid me in the future and feel very fortunate.

Together as Head Boy and Head Girl, our aims are to improve communication and relationships between staff, parents and students, so that low level disruption behaviour is eliminated from lessons, allowing students to reach their full potential and learn as much as possible. We would really like to create a positive and friendly environment around the school, ensuring that the primary focus is on learning and engaging students. Finally, we are going to work with the prefect team to provide the highest quality role models for students and to represent the school as ambassadors.


Introduction from the Head Boy - Joe Lenihan

headboy2017.PNGWhen I joined the school in 2013 from Ruskin Junior School, I was eager to learn new things, make new friends, and experience secondary school life.

I am currently studying 11 GCSEs; all the core subjects, including triple science, as well as Geography, Spanish, Music and DT: Graphics.

Since arriving at Kingsdown, I have taken on many different roles across the school, including being a tutor representative, a student librarian and taking part in the school orchestra and after school revision sessions. In doing this, I feel I have built great relationships with staff and students and have gained important skills that will help me succeed as Head Boy.

I chose to stand for the position of Head Boy as I wanted to learn and expand upon my own skills and knowledge, I wanted to push myself and get more involved in school life. I want to encourage positive changes within the school, so every student gets the most out of their time here. Since Kingsdown School has given me such an amazing opportunity, I feel as though I should give something back to the school that has helped me to become the person I am, and standing as Head Boy is my way of doing this.

What I think is great about Kingsdown is the challenging and engaging education every student receives; it really equips us all with vital life skills and creates ambitions for later in life. I am always supported by staff and students alike, and as a result of the What Went Well (WWW) and How to Improve (HTI) system we use I always know what I am good at and what I need to do to improve.

Teachers push students to work to the best of their ability during lessons and encourage students to take part in extra-curricular activities that the school offer. I have made friends for life at this school and I enjoy every moment I spend here.