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    Introduction from our new Chair of Governors

    I am delighted to have been elected as Chair of Governors of the Local Governing Body for Kingsdown School at such an exciting time in the school's journey to excellence. 

    The Governors welcome the opportunities presented by us having joined the River Learning Trust and having appointed Mrs Leigh-Bennett as Head Teacher.  We are proud of our staff and students and are committed to supporting and challenging them in this new chapter. 

    Lynne Scragg


    The Governors of Kingsdown School

    Member of the Academy Trust Local Governing Body
    Member appointed Governors Staff Governors Parent Governors Headteacher
    Lynne Scragg (Chair)

    Matthew Bradley 
    (Vice Chair)

    Lynne Scragg

    Linda Bacon

    Matt Bradley

    Helen Wright

    Michelle Davis

    Bernard Baker

    Vanessa Edwards

    Ian Gough

    Emma Leigh-Bennett

    Register of Business Interest

    Governance Structures ​ ​ ​ ​

     Scheme of Delegation Governors review

    Governing Body Attendance Record:   2017-18.pdf,  2016-17.pdf,   2015-16.pdf 

    While there are several types of governors, the role of each governor is to work as part of a team supporting a school and the Headteacher to decide school policy, help recruit staff and manage budgets.

    The governors meet as a full body 4 times per year where they are updated on the performance and status of aspects of the school.

    Additionally individual governors sit on one or more of the various sub-committees. These meetings are usually 4 times per year, just prior to the full governors meetings.

    The subcommittees are:


    Role and Membership of Committee

    Admissions CommitteeTo discharge the functions of admissions of a child as a registered student at the school in accordance with the admissions policy.
    4 named governors (quorum 3 governors)
    Resource CommitteeTo discharge the functions of staff discipline and procedures, to deal with the budget and school lettings.  To oversee buildings, maintenance and all related issues.
    8 named governors (quorum 4 governors)
    Impact CommitteeTo review curriculum policies eg Religious Education, Sex Education. To organise governors into faculties and review the curriculum in action. Includes subject evaluations and Education/Business Partnerships.  To ensure a broad and balanced education to meet the aims and objectives of the Every Child Matters agenda.
    8 named governors (quorum 4 governors)
    Pay CommitteeTo consider pay recommendations of Kingsdown staff, take decisions regarding the pay of the Headteacher.
    4 named governors (quorum 3 governors)


    Becoming a Governor

    Schools need people who have energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas to support them as governors. You don't need to have had any previous experience or knowledge. Common sense, a genuine interest in education and commitment are the most important qualities required.

    Becoming a governor could be a way of contributing to your local school and learning new skills. You don't have to have a child at a school to become a governor.

    More information about becoming a governor is available on the Swindon Borough Council website.

    Contacting the Governors

    Parents, staff and members of the community may wish to contact governors to express views, and governors very much welcome any such messages, as we are keen to keep in touch with and take account of these views. It is important to say though, that any day to day queries relating to named students should always be directed to school staff first, so that they can discuss and deal with matters in the normal way. Similarly, staff should use their usual line management and communication links in the first instance. Additionally, if you have a complaint, please follow the official procedure outlined in the following document:
    Complaints Policy

    If you would like to contact governors on a particular issue they may be contacted through the Clerk to the Governors:

    Clerk to Governors : Ms J Carter (