Information below is primarily aimed for parents & students starting with us in Year 7 in September 2018, but will also benefit older students joining us in other year groups.

Transition Days

Transitions days for Year 6 will be taking place on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th July 2018.

Students should meet at the main entrance of school at 8.50am where they will be met by the transition ambassadors and escorted to the hall.  Over the course of the two days, the students will meet their tutor and spend time in their tutor groups and experience some of the subjects they will cover in year 7. Students need to bring lunch with them on both days and will need to wear their primary school uniform.


We are currently in the transition to moving to a new uniform effective September 2018.  Details and updates will be on our Parents > Uniform page.

Year 7 Team & Useful contacts

Director of Progress: Mrs Boyall
Progress Leader: Mrs Matthews
Tutor Team: to be confirmed

I should see my tutor for day to day issues and concerns
I should see my Progress Leader for more serious or ongoing issues
I should see my subject teacher for subject related concerns 

Rules, Rewards, & Sanctions

At Kingsdown School, we want you to work hard and have a positive attitude towards your education. Staff members can reward you by giving achievement points and also be rewarding you with gold cards. These are worth 25 points and will be presented weekly in tutor time. You can earn achievement points by displaying the Kingsdown Beats: Respect & responsibility, Stretch & Challenge and Pride & Ambition. If you make poor choices, you will receive behaviour points. These will be deducted from your achievement points to give you a conduct balance. 

Attendance & Punctuality

Please see our Parents > Attendance & Absence page for details.

How to be organised (equipment you will need, bringing PE kit, food ingredients etc)

You will have a two week timetable that will be given to you on your first day. You will have a copy in your planner which should be on you at all times. During each week, there will be some lessons where you require additional equipment. You will be told in advance what you need to bring but will include: PE kit, cooking ingredients (during DT food rotation).

Timings of the Day

From September 2018, students will register with their tutors first thing in the morning. All students need to be on site from 8.30am. There are five 1 hour lessons each day with a 20 minute morning break and 40 minute lunch time. On a Friday week 2, school finishes early for students to allow staff to work together in Curriculum Innovation Time.


Please see Our School > Curriculum page for details.


Clubs take place at lunch times and after school most days. A timetable will be issued at the start of term and the range of activities we offer is diverse. These include:

Orchestra, Choir, Chamber Choir, Ensemble, Keyboard Club, Drama, Netball, Football, Basketball, Fitness, Hockey, Dance, Art Textiles, Art, Chess.

Events in Year 7

Throughout the year, several events will be running for year 7 students. We would like as many parents and students to support these events as possible.

Year 7 Transition FAQs

The document linked below contains further information