Students' working at home is an essential part of their learning and skills development. Research undertaken by national bodies and Ofsted has demonstrated the impact of the work completed outside of lessons and its positive contribution to students' success.


We believe that students need to be encouraged to become more independent in their learning and to link work at home to learning over periods of time. To this end, students will be provided with 'Prep Work' as homework.

Prep work is an activity/task/worksheet linked to the next, future or a series of lessons in a subject area.


The purpose of Prep Work is:

  • To encourage students to develop the skills, confidence and motivation needed to study effectively on their own
  • To raise academic standards
  • To consolidate and reinforce learning, skills and understanding developed at school
  • To sustain the involvement of parents and carers in the management of students' learning and to keep them informed about the work that students are doing
  • To manage particular demands, such as preparation for examinations and GCSE controlled assessments


Prep work will be set by classroom teachers in lessons during each term. This will be in accordance with where the lessons fall within the two week timetable, the discretion of the teacher and in line with the programmes of study. Subjects who have more curriculum time are expected to set more Prep Work. Students will be given reasonable time frames in which they can complete Prep Work that is set.

Prep Work will be available to students on our E Learning Network and parents/carers will have access to it via the school website. Students should record all Prep Work set in their Planners.

Prep work will take a variety of forms and can include:

  • Preparation for future lessons and learning
  • Research
  • An interim task related to a longer project
  • Drafting
  • Model making
  • Designing
  • Essay writing
  • Simple experiments

Students are expected to read regularly as a means of broadening and extending their knowledge and understanding of subjects and to develop their literacy skills.
Your support in monitoring your child's completion of Prep Work is greatly appreciated.

Mrs M Drayton
Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum)

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